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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Guide ( PS2 )

For you , fans of Harvest Moon a Wonderful Life, Here serve Harvest Moon a Wonderful Life Guide, Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life is the tenth series of the entire series Game Harvest Moon and Harvest Moon is the Best Game Series .

Harvest Moon : a Wonderful Life Guide

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Guide

List of favorite items citizens in Harvest Moon a Wonderful Life

Takakura: milk, eggs and home cooking
Rock: fodder, moon mist flower, toy flower, home cooking
Gustafa: flowers, coins
Team: milk, eggs, fish
Nina: flowers, milk
Galen: fish, mugwort, royal fern
Griffin: coins, trick blue flowers, golden eggs

Kassey: flowers, milk
Patrick: flowers, milk
Vesta: flowers, milk
Marlin: milk, eggs, all crops
Carter: fish, milk, eggs, cheese, buah2an, sayur2an
Flora: fish, milk
Romana: milk, flowers, sayur2an
Sebastian: milk, eggs, coins, fossils, statues
Wally: milk, coins, eggs
Hugh: milk, moon ore, coin
Chris: milk, flowers, eggs
Cody: flowers, eggs, moon ore, sayur2an
Daryl: fish, coins, eggs, fossils
Ruby: fish, eggs, milk, flowers
Nami: trick blue flowers, statues, fossil
Muffy: flowers, coins, moon ore
Celia: flowers, moon ore
Lumina: flowers, potatoes
Murrey: all foods except fish
Grant: eggs, milk
Samantha: flowers, milk
Kate: Coins, flowers
Dr.. Hardy: flowers, fish
Muku-Muku: flowers, eggs, fish

How to Get Rare Gift from Citizen :

How to Get Tumtum (small drum belonging Gustafa)
To be able to get Tumtum, make friends with Gustafa well. By way of giving him milk (he likes all the milk), eggs, and flowers. Do it every day. Then, in year 3, Come to his house at 09.00 am or so and then take her to talk then he will give tumtum.

How to Get Musical Sheet (Romana)
To be able to get Musical Sheet, the conditions you have to be friends with Romana. Give her flowers, milk, and eggs every day when he is not sitting in a rocking chair (because he will not receive your gift) Then, in the third year, came to his room where he was sitting in a rocking chair, and with whom he spoke, then he 'll give Musical Sheet.

How to Get Fireworks (Patrick and Casey)
Befriend and Patrick Cassey memebrinya manner of food, coin, pretty stone, eggs, and other foods. Then in the third year came to his house while he was at work, and invite Patrick to talk, then you will be Fireworks by it.

How to Get a Fishing Pole (Galen)
You can only get the Fishing Pole in year 2 or more. How to "Trick Play Harvest Moon" this time I for two, for those who still play harvest moon is in year 1 follow the first way. And for those who already play harvest moon is in year 2 and above, can follow the way of the 2nd.

First way:
To get a fishing pole in the second year, you have to be friends with Galen in Year 1 (that's why I require for a new play in Year 1 in order to follow this way). Give him all kinds of fish maca (The larger the better type of fish) and foods that you created (do something odd and failed attemp). Then, in Year 2, Nina (wife of Galen) died, Galen would be very sad. Go to the to his home, talk to him, then he will ask this question "Do you like fishing?" ... Answered "Yes you will mendapatkna Fishing Pole.

2nd way:
In this second way, you can only get the Fishing Pole on a 3 year or more. Because, in the second year will be very sad Galen (For Nina died), and he would not be giving any. But at year 3, Galen will return cheerful. He also has been receptive to our giving. Then give him a fish, or the food we cook every day. Laalu, if you've been friends with him. Come to his house, and invite her to speak. Then he will ask you this "Do you like fishing?" answered "Yes" then he will memnerimu Fishing Pole

How to Get Wool Clippers (Wally)
Befriend Wally by giving milk, eggs, and fruit. Then in the morning, around 9 am when he went to her house alone. Cutscene will occur, and you will be given the Wool Clippers.

How to Get Sickle Strange (Cody)
Befriend Cody gave him a flower / pretty stone, Milk, Eggs, Fruit, and cooking. Then at about 1 p.m. Go to the home. Cutscene will occur and he will give you a Strange Sickle.

How to Get Gold Medal (Wally)
To get the Gold Medal, the character you have to be friends with Wally. You can only get once you are given a Gold Medal by Wally Wool Clippers. Go to the house when he was with Christ, his wife. Talk to her and you will be given the Gold Medal by it.

How to Get Weird Sickle (Dr. Hardy)
To get the Strange Sickle, friends with Dr. Hardy. Give him the fossil, milk, fruit, and your cooking (which succeeded). If you are already friends with him, go to his house and a cutscene will occur. Dr.. Hardy will give Strange Sickle.

How to Get Spice Ruby (Ruby)
Befriend Ruby (wife team) who lives at the Inner Inn. Give him a tomato, milk, flowers, and your cooking detiap day. Then one day, went into the kitchen of his house when he was alone there .. Take him to talk, and he'll give Ruby Spice.

How to Get Seeds Grade S (Grade S seed) [Tartan]

Get Tartan in Year 2. Befriend him with many invites he spoke. Keep doing it every night until hybridize open.
1. (For non-plant woodlands) Hybrid-right results with Upseed Harvesters. Then you will get Grade S seed
2. (For plants fringed) right-Grade S Hybrid seed plants treeless with results Harvesters (fruit of the plant without trees there are 5 apples, oranges, peaches, grapes, bananas)

How to Obtain Necklace
Befriend Flora, an assistant professor who works in digsite Carter. Give him fruit, milk, and cooking. In the evening at around 5:30 pm went to his tent and invite her to speak. So, he'll give Necklace that you can give to your son.

How to Obtain Tartan (Takakura)
Early in the morning, what time's up, provided that prior to 05.00 am, send Takakura to buy something in town. The trick? It certainly know, go directly to the place of storage, and up to what we want to order. After 05.00 am, Takakura went into town. Perform routine activities as usual. After the day he will come back to the plantation. We still have plenty of time, so do something else first. After dusk around 06.00 pm, prepared in plantations. Takakura will be entering his house, soon followed him. Continue to follow him, until you are in front of his house Takakura. Wait Takakura entered his house. Seconds heading 07.00 pm, Takakura open the door and enter the door. Preparing Takakura front door, and when the clock struck 07:00 pm RIGHT, and Takakura house lights on, immediately press X to enter the Takakura home. And, you will see a cutscene where Takakura Tartan show you.

Bonuses Guide

How to Get 4000 g with Easy money in Snow
Befriend Mukumuku, Yeti type creature that lived around the Goddess Spring by giving 3 flowers and 3 fish every day. Encourage her to talk once a day, then he will give Joyful Record at Fall. Step that was to Van, the price of each item record 405 g. If you have a 10 (one season ten days), then you will get the money 4050 g. This price is the initial price, and you can raise by saying No, when Van will pay the initial price. Do it over and over again until Van offering lower prices.

Thanks for Reading Gifts and the passions People in Harvest Moon a Wonderful Life , hopefully useful !

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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Guide ( PS2 )
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