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Cities: Skylines and SimCity 5, Which is Better ?

Long before game designer "Will Wright" creating the best-selling computer game of all time, The Sims, he has created SimCity, an innovative game with a very interesting premise,

SimCity Success captivated gamers around the world, making him willing to sit for hours at the computer just to create a city that is neatly arranged and run with it should,
but all were little changed when the appearance of SimCity 2013, SimCity 5, a lot of SimCity lovers disappointed in many aspects, the most popular are the maps contained in SimCity 5 is very small, much different from the previous series.

Now, a few weeks ago Cities: Skylines officially released and received an overwhelming response, like the antidote to miss the game City Building the "real", so as if forgetting the legendary game SimCity.

Then, among the Cities: Skylines and SimCity 2013 ,Which is better?

Cities: Skylines and SimCity 5, Which is Better ?
Cities Skylines

We will start by comparing Graphics discuss between this game,
I saw there was no significant difference between the Cities skylines and SimCity 5 in the graphics problem, everything is fine, equally appealing to the eye, but a fatal mistake made by Cities Skylines is no night, yes! you will continue to play forever in a state during the day, no night.
it will make your little bored, besides the Layout view SimCity 5 looks more neat and nice.
The keys are large and varied and interesting, in contrast to the view layout C: S that looks smaller.
In the graphics problem, I chose SimCity 5.

Cities: Skylines and SimCity 5, Which is Better ?
comparison of the size of the map SimCity 5 and earlier versions
try to compare with this

Cities: Skylines and SimCity 5, Which is Better ?

The next discussion is the size of the map, would you be able to guess who the winner is not it?
Yes it is clear Cities Skylines is the winner, you can build your dream city on land that is far greater than SimCity,
In SimCity 5 you will only be able to manage a small plot of land that is passed a toll road, and you have to build a magnificent megapolitan,
Airports, stations, mines in the small, will look crowded is not it? moreover congestion is very troubling specter in SimCity 5.

One feature that impressed me was the district and policy features in the respective districts, wow .. things that can not be found in SimCity 5,
We can set a policy in the district, such as the smoking ban, the ban had pet , but be warned it can affect against your people, your city residents such happiness can be decreased.

Cities: Skylines and SimCity 5, Which is Better ?

In addition you can also set an industry (can make an industry into the forest industry, agriculture and other industries), and an interesting feature in SimCity 5?
umm .. I guess the features Great Works can be entered in this article, but it can be attached between one region to another region also makes SC5 looks interesting, we can buy resources (electricity, water, ambulance, and even garbage trucks).

From the above sentence would you already know who I will write into the list of winners of Cities Skylines vs SimCity 5, right? , of course I chose Cities Skylines.
yes Cities Skylines present when gamers around the world quite disappointed with SimCity 5, many SimCity lovers prefer to play SimCity 4 instead of the latest version,
Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order seemed to provide fresh air for the City-Building lovers .

Moreover Paradox Interactive rarely disappoint his fans, they always create quality games at an affordable price.
But be prepared to buy a lot of DLC because Colossal Order and Paradox famous by King DLC, haha. but it is their weapon to reduce illegal pirates (with patches).

Thank you for reading this article , hopefully can help you, let's discuss in the comments, thank you!

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Cities: Skylines and SimCity 5, Which is Better ?
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