Thursday, 26 February 2015

4 Ways to Reduce Water Pollution in SimCity 4

"SimCity 4" is a simulation game that requires the player to build a city, with all the trimmings and continue to keep it, but water pollution became one of the challenges that must be addressed immediately,
4 Ways to Reduce Water Pollution in SimCity 4

Water pollution occurs when a player makes industrial areas or farms around water sources, while the water is polluted, the water will turn brown or black, this led to protest the city's population or even move out of your city.

The solution is that you have to build a water treatment plant to reduce the problem of water pollution,


1. Trees can help absorb and reduce pollution, then plant trees around agricultural zones and industrial areas.

2. Building a water treatment plant around the polluted area and connect the pipe to the plant.

3. Establish water pipes and reservoirs in the area of strong pollution.

4. Livestock employs only slightly from the citizens of your town, so do not build farms or if not, build farms far from water sources.

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Easy does not it? 4 steps may reduce water pollution in SimCity 4 above can help you, thanks.

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4 Ways to Reduce Water Pollution in SimCity 4
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