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In This Games You Can Become a Head of State !

Hello friends, maybe any of you have ever dreamed of being a head of state, such as the President, the Prime Minister, a king but of course the dream is not easily achieved, well if you want to feel how it feels to be a head of state, you have to try a few games that will make you become the leader of the country, curious?

Geopolitical Simulator 3 : Master of The World

In This Games You Can Become a Head of State !

Games that will make you become the leader of the country is the Master of the World, the third series of Geopolitical Simulator created by Eversim.

You can be the leader of state (president, prime minister, or king) in more than 100 countries, precisely 175 countries around the world, some countries display the original photo of the current leader, one example is Barack Obama who in these games is called Jack Ohama

In This Games You Can Become a Head of State !

You can play one or more than one leader in the game is of course to bring glory to the country that you play, you can strengthen the country's economy in order to become a super power, expands to other regions throughout the world (if you are able to = D), but of course You have to prepare for the power diplomacy of the United Nations.

In this game you will regulate all the affairs of the state, of the economic, military, intelligence, diplomacy, development, and more.

Although the graphics in games is not good, War remains one of the attractiveness of the Master of the World, stressful and frustrating battle, why? because when the war was the bugs often arise, and the AI ​​is still very bad, far from perfect.

Master of the World could be one exciting game, will spend much of our time, but of course we are never satisfied with this game, but you can try this game to test how your ability to organize a state.

The price for this game can be called a very expensive, with the bugs and the game ketidaksempuranaan valued $ 49.99 on Steam, really unfortunate.

Besides Geopolitical Simulator 3: Master of The World is actually still the same genre with this game is Supreme Ruler 2020, not much different, there are still many bugs and imperfections in both these games.

A few of our information about the game became head of state, hopefully this article useful, thank you!

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In This Games You Can Become a Head of State !
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